The mission of the New Mexico State University system is to serve the diverse needs of the state through comprehensive programs of education, research, extension and outreach, and public service. As the state’s land-grant and space-grant university, and as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, 十大电子游戏平台 fosters learning, inquiry, diversity and inclusion, social mobility, and service to the broader community.


Campus at Sunrise

University Vision

By 2025, the 十大电子游戏平台 system will excel in student success and social mobility for our diverse student populations, achieve the highest Carnegie research status (R1), and maintain our Carnegie Community Engagement classification.

University Values

Leadership, excellence, access, diversity & inclusion and student-centered make up 十大电子游戏平台’s core values and are encapsulated as
BE BOLD. Shape the Future. ®

A Land-Grant Institution

The designation as New Mexico’s land-grant university under the Morrill Act has shaped 十大电子游戏平台 since the late 1880s. 十大电子游戏平台 has been dedicated to New Mexico’s diverse population for more than a century, transforming lives through three main pursuits: teaching, research and public service.

The triangular logo design was created in 1968 to represent the three areas of the Land Grant Mission  Education, Research and Public Service  and was used in the inauguration of President Gerald Thomas in 1970. In 2005, the university adopted the current state-shaped logo as its official identifier for the 十大电子游戏平台 system with the purpose of unifying all of our campuses into a “one university” model.

University Leadership

New Mexico State University is governed by the Board of Regents, a group of five members appointed by the Governor of New Mexico. Oversight of the University is directed by academic and administrative leaders who include the President, Provost, College Deans, and Vice Presidents. Together, they ensure the fulfillment of the University’s mission, uphold its core values, and manage its operations and academic affairs.


十大电子游戏平台 System Economic Development Plan

A multi-disciplinary team representing a broad cross-section of the 十大电子游戏平台 system collaborated to develop an 十大电子游戏平台 System Economic Development Plan that supports the work of 十大电子游戏平台 and also supports the State of New Mexico Economic Development plan. The 十大电子游戏平台 plan includes economic development goals, activities, actions, and measures and deliverables. These activities were identified by each team member relative to their specific areas of specialty, and outcomes will be measured that define the success of 十大电子游戏平台 economic development impact. Learn more about economic development planning at the systemwide level.


New Mexico State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.